Folding PetchaFlickr

@EduSum demonstrated Alan Lavine’s PetchaFlickr. I liked it, but then I thought it could also be used to prompt creative writing,by writing one ‘fold’ on Folding Story. Then you can follow your story and see what happens to it. For those who like to tell storys, but perhaps don’t want to ‘speak’, would make a kind of fun game to play.


2 thoughts on “Folding PetchaFlickr

  1. I love FoldingStory, a new version on the Exquisite Corpse.

    I have some plans to add to pechaflickr the ability to save and share the sets of photos, like a playlist, so other people can use the same set, tweet their success, and maybe allow people to save ont he site a description of their experience.

    Not sure how a folding story approach would fit, but am game to try.

    • Thanks Alan – I swear at times you are single-handedly adapting the most useful bits of the web for education. Sounds like a great game! Can I play?

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