Game Boys – The rise of gaming

Game Boys: Professional Videogaming’s Rise from the Basement to the Big-Time started out as a New York Post article by author Michael Kane. Justin Kownacki has a great review of the book from a storytelling perspective on his blog.

I found it interesting post, simply as he’s pulled apart the way the book is written, not just what it says.  Theres a lesson to be learned here for me, especially in attempting to describe the benefits of game based learning to an audience for whom 1% will have much game experience, and probably only as a casual gamer. Having said that it looks like a great read, and something to learn from if you are intending to put an argument to an audience about anything you’re interested in. In the same vein, I take the time to read his recent post on “Are you a maker or a seller“, which again is food for thought.

  • Show Your Audience Their Own Way Into the Story
  • It’s Never About the Plot; It’s About the People
  • Every Story Is a Mystery, So Reveal Your Information Strategically
  • Use Backstory to Fuel the Plot
  • Kick Every Ball Forward at Its Own Pace
  • Use Lingo to Unite Your Audience, Not to Alienate Them
  • Establish Dueling Expectations Within Your Audience
  • Harvesting the Seeds You Planted Long Ago Creates Closure