Massively Minecraft

This documents our story into playing with kids in the game Minecraft – and how we are building an epic learning community open to kids, parents and teachers to explore the nature of learning and play in todays world – actual and imagined.

"Kids expect to explore, experiment and crowdsource." Nice post on #learning and #massivelyminecraft. Sorry I missed.
August 31, 2011
This relates to the open day we run each month, where our kids lead the learning as they mingle with adults (parents and teachers) who are interested in the world they are making – #massivelyminecraft added Class system to our game taxonomy … in prep for the ‘adventure quest’
August 30, 2011
PsychoticMarcus @ his HQ #jokaydiaminecraft #massivelyminecraft #minecraft
August 30, 2011
Schools out and peak hour at the mines has begun! #whatwilltheybuildtoday #massivelyminecraft #jokaydia
August 28, 2011
@Darcy1968 you gotta ask @deangroom and @jokay about #massivelyminecraft kids teaching kids = awesum!
August 28, 2011
Massive mindshift: – reflections on #massivelyminecraft, student-led learning and innovation.
August 27, 2011
@benpaddlejones #massivelyminecraft great open day in mine craft with @jokay @deangroom Brendan enjoyed meeting mine crafters re server
August 27, 2011

#massivelyminecraft -flying mid added. Superheros make Skype Bridge. #GBL live!
Photo by Dean Groom @ large on flickr

Most of the kids have now created their own Skype accounts and can easily create a small conference call. Interestingly they are not interested in using video. To them the person they are playing with is represented by their avatar, the player on the screen in the face.