Minecraft 101

Wondering what the Minecraft fuss is all about. Well it’s not just a game, though this video is really cute. It’s all the stuff that shows up around it. The amount of ‘work’ that Notch has created around his game is something that most governments can only dream of. I guess you have to look at this with a lens of youth culture, nothing more. For example, have a look at the growing YouTube Channel Minecraft Monday, which is really a goofy-news service.

This is a great interview, almost zero budget, but clearly shows what happens when young people just get into things that they are passionate about. Its worth listening to some of the things they talk about, and really explains what I’ve been seeing going on last weekend in my house. Why make a video, when you can make a TV-channel.

This isnt anymore zany than you’ll see on ABC3, except that this is something that talks back to you!