TweetFighter 2 – A better way to demo Twitter at conferences

The #tweetshout has become a familiar sight at conferences and workshops. Typically “#hashtag – tell these people why you use Twitter” type activity.

This is transmission – and kind of dull. It doesn’t really demonstrate much more than you and push button radio. It has some novelty factor, but almost immediately people don’t see themselves doing what you just did, especially as the speaker then moves on to talk about “building a PLN”, which seems like hard work and no immediate relevance.

I’ve got bored of it, so thought I’d invent a game 5 minute game mechanic that will make it more effective – yet take no more effort. Thus demonstrating games are useful.

The Tweet Fighter 2 Game.

  1. Find 5 people you already know on Twitter ahead of your talk. Let them know when you’re going to present and the #hashtag. (Let’s face it, they will respond anyway.)
  2. Next take your most provocative question. (If you don’t have one – don’t present).
  3. Get someone to create a brand new Twitter account from your audience. Have them come up to the stage and do it live while you talk about something else for a minute or two. (No one needs to be trained how to join Twitter, they can just observe it).
  4. Now get them to Tweet the important question “#hashtaganotherwebconference – Can you help? “[today’s burning question”]. Plz RT”
  5. Almost by magic, your stooge retweeters (yep, all games are rigged) will ReTweet the question (but not answer it).
  6. Then watch as their followers answer it pulling up a live feed as the replies start to kick in and continue making your point.
  7. Now you audience has seen it happen, they might know you stooged them, but never the less are impressed that smart-teachers offer immediate replies.

This not only gets more interesting responses, but immerses the audience in a game – there’s a chance you might lose, but that shows you are willing to take a risk for their benefit – which builds trust and confidence between you and them, rather than you and people you know already. Now you can work with what was said – and break free of that damn Power Point.

Level Up. This works – credit me if you use it, I’m interested.



5 thoughts on “TweetFighter 2 – A better way to demo Twitter at conferences

  1. I love this, Dean. I will use this, I will credit you, and I will let you know how it goes…BUT I will expect you respond to the important question! (of course).

  2. Hey Dean,

    Love your work. I have just been at a conference where the power of Twitter was lauded yet many did not get past the “This is my first tweet…why should I be doing this?” stage. This game succinctly shows why Twitter is useful. The next time I get to present at a conference or PD, I will definitely be trying this out and crediting you.

    Thanks for sharing.

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