The keyboard and mouse is dead

Okay, there a moments where you just fall off your chair and say – that is going to change everything. The keyboard and mouse just died. This technology, along with things that many teachers are never even knew happened – like QR codes – is a great example of just how irrelevant so much of the debate around  “will we/won’t we” and “moving towards”  is and how fast third horizon technologies evolve. The real question now is – do we still need caves.


This video demonstrates the functionality and potential applications of Predator, an object tracking algorithm that simultaneously tracks, learns and detects an unknown object in real-time.
– human-computer interfaces
– security and games
– improvement of image search
– object-centric stabilisation

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4 thoughts on “The keyboard and mouse is dead

  1. Google killed QR codes this week and replaced them with near-field communication (NFC) [] Which is making me think that the attempts to future proof technology in education are futile.

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