Edublogs Awards 2010

Firstly, thanks to all who have kindly nominated me in some way. It is incredibly humbling to think people take the time to read this stuff. Secondly, thanks again to some very special people in my metaverse – the #permalist – @jokay, @heyjudeonline @akpc @kerryjcom @bronst @middleclassgirl @teacherman79 – without whom I would have bailed so many things, so many times this year, if not every year. These people not only support me, but also have a huge impact on my amazing kids. I am not therefore nominating them – as they are just too awesome. I’d also like to make mention of Gary Stager and Lee Colbert – who always brighten my mornings, when they cross swords in Twitter.

Edublog Awards 2010

Best individual blogDwell on It – Because Tateru is such a brilliant writer, and notices the gaps that matter in virtual worlds and games.
Best individual tweeter Ben Jones – Because he’s almost interesting enough to be a tank – or get fired whichever comes first.
Best group blogTELT UNSW – Because communication is about more than reporting or telling.
Best new blogBianca Hewes – Because Bianca tells it how it is, connects with kids and everything DET should hope to be in the next few years.
Best resource sharing blogAudrey Nay – It’s a typographic nightmare, but there’s stuff in here that I find interesting. I like eclectic.
Most influential blog post Remembering – Tateru’s post about herself and her father – haunting and inspiring.
Best teacher blogOllie Bray – Proving one person can make a huge dint in the thinking of systems – Game Based Learning Leader
Best educational tech support blogWe Fly Spitfires – I know its about gaming, but that is what it’s all about – a great, first person read about a guy and a helluva lot of toons.
Best educational podcastEd Tech Crew – if I have to listen to people talking edu on the radio – these guys do it brilliantly.
Best educational use of a virtual world Begonia Island – Lucy represents everything I could hope to see in a creative teacher.
Best use of a PLN – No such thing (apparently).
Lifetime achievementGrahame Wegner – one of the first blogs I ever read, and still asking great questions, with open, honest reflection.

There are many more – that I like, read and love that simply don’t fit the categories … but all these to me are selling more than the expected.


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