What is it for?

In a world of a million online tools, where we can consume and produce with equal ease, one of the key things teachers struggle with is trying to decide which tools could be used to promote deeper learning. Of course these tools do little without adapting pedagogy, but all too often, the question to from newbies is ‘how do I use this – please give me a roadmap’. Here are a simple set of questions I use to interview a teacher – to get a picture of not what staff what (in terms of tools), but what how they see (any) technology being used as part of learning and teaching. The best way to find this out – is to talk to them. Even better, record the meeting and then you can talk around the these things but not come over as the Spanish Inquisition.

For each of the questions, come up with three dot point sentences. From that you can start to plan a personal learning plan for them (or do it for them).
* What does the technology offer students in terms of developing concepts and content?
* How does it help students to carry out inquiry processes?
* How will students work together collaboratively or cooperatively?
* What is the relationship between technology and other instructional materials?
* What new knowledge of my content or discipline, of teaching, or of technology do I need in order to foster new learning in my students?
* What knowledge processes, and skills do students need before using the technology?


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  1. These are spot-on questions. They’ve got me thinking and wondering whether I’ve been too afraid to confront teachers, whether I’ve doing that thinking without teachers and just providing them with the finished product. Thanks.

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