Daily quests wanted.

There’s this whole debate about what is in, what is out – how much time we don’t have . Not much changes if your a kid as adults debate endlessly how things are, or not.  I think anyone can come up with a 15 minute activity that meets the brief below – and maybe just maybe we can forget all the rules, and start sharing daily ideas.

  • It has to suit ages 7-14, and has to be holistic in nature and topic
  • Users  select a quest from a list, not ranked by age or topic – but by real-world problem to be solved
  • It takes 10-15 minutes to do, and at the end of of it, they get an achievement, not a grade, so you decide what that looks like.
  • How you measure that is something to be discussed with the user
  • It has to be digitally induced and discussed at the end, but in the middle it can be anything – and not computer based.
  • It has to be interesting and something the user can’t do already.

Go on then – come up with a daily.