Why you need to start doing dailys to learn more

One of the reasons people log into games like Warcraft is to do the daily. It’s a quest that helps build reputation with one of the various factions in the game. Generally speaking they don’t take too long. 5-15 mins. They are a tactic of getting players to check back in – and keep playing. But, having said that – the Daily is also a great way of getting people to do something they might not – and to bring people together.

Why you need to start doing daily’s in educational technology!

A daily, is a ritual – and god knows schools love them. Rather than tweet truncated advice endlessly, try supporting another teacher or small group of teachers who have their own learning goals, and perhaps less experienced in something you are good at already. I realise that lots of gurus won’t do this as so much of this movement has become pay-me based, but I am sure some are still pure Crusaders. No one is too busy for spare 15mins for others.

So take time to help others using online spaces such as wikis or Google Docs. Just support, offer advice and maybe act as a moderator for their ideas. It is healthy for experts not to ram their view down everyones through all the time (just some). Getting new perspectives is so much more important than banging your own into the psyche of others. I try to do this with about 8 teachers all the time – you’ll be amazed how much you learn – even if you think your role is just to keynote or consult – to tell others what to think.

Why kids need to do dailys MORE IMPORTANTLY

Kids need to do them. They can go towards grades if you like. I suggest these are to spark minds right out of what you are teaching them that day.

  • Create a set of daily’s that they can choose from initially.
  • Venture out and ask questions that you might not even know about other subjects.
  • Start kicking down walls – daily.

I think, these can be at a uni-structural level. They are not exactly busy work, but are at the base of the taxonomy (not Blooms). Here are some verbs and some technologies that you might use. The point here is for students to win easily, spend a small amount of time on it – but extend them into areas and interests that you really are never going to get to.

  • Verbs: memorise, identify, recognise, count, define, draw, find, label, match, name, quote, recall, recite, order, tell, write, intimate.
  • Digital activities: Googling, highlighting, bullet pointing, bookmarking, favouriting, typing out, searching, facebooking (status updates, commenting, liking, favouriting), tweeting.

Over time; start a Google Form, and get kids to suggest Dailys that they or others can do – begin to negotiate learning – without having to tank the damn curriculum and gatekeeper. The great thing about invention is that you don’t need to tank – you just operate in spaces that no-one even notices.

All you need is a Google Form, Edmodo or Moodle activity. Once again – you can share your Daily’s with others. Daily’s at 5-15 mins a day, soon add up and take almost no time to develop as online activities. See, games are smart – start using DAILYS in your classroom – and please share them with me, love to hear.


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