7 things in games, that should be in class.

Beyond the tutorial type stuff that games obviously provide in order to play. I’ve been working on a crazy triangle idea, that illustrates what else they promote. These might not seem immediately obvious to anyone who might not play them, but are well worth considering – as literacies, values, whatever

  • Collaboration
  • Distribution
  • Networks over hierarchies
  • Ownership of reputation vs. property
  • Transparency of decision making
  • Failure is a catalysts for better ideas and more focused performance
  • Technology-enabled, not technology-focused

When comparing ‘class’ with ‘games’, there is a strong belief that games present an environment where we can teach ourselves – we can learn to be a better player, solve harder problems etc.,

Even if you don’t like the idea of games per se; I would hope that these ‘things’ could be used to promote more than one-dimensional classrooms.


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