5 ways to get what you edu-pay-for

A wise person (anon.) wrote “Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get”.

If we are to walk into a course, a school or an institution, there are some indicators that you want to see, because you want to get what you pay for. So when we are looking at where to study and what to pay for – we need to ask for evidence. Show us what the things below look like.

  1. Being ‘online’ in relevant digital spaces is a critical variable as to the impact you experience as society changes education itself.
  2. Informal, non-classroom contact between students and teachers increase intellectuality, maturity, autonomy, aspiration and inter-personal skills between both.
  3. Teaching methods that promote ‘active learning’ produce a wider range of positive personal effects and unexpected outcomes for students.
  4. Personal interest in technology and society influences what what teachers can do [don’t know: don’t care].
  5. Environments that allow student peer relationships to flourish – are important to other areas of maturation (digital citizenship).

So while we can talk about reformation, future leaders and other philosophical beards – these five things seem foundational to a contemporary learning experience – be that distance online or in a conventional classroom. I wonder which you’d change – what you’d alter from these?