Field Runners

Field Runners, a $9.99 iPad Game is awesome. I won’t repeat the review, but for the non-gaming educators out there, the strategy of this game is typical of many online browser games that kids of all ages are playing called ‘tower defence’. Field Runner is basically a 2D matrix of rows and columns, using a system of money and reward for items. It is strategic, and of course the little toons get hammered by guns and rockets.

I downloaded it (needs wifi) and handed it over to Mr5, after I played a couple of rounds of course (just to test it out).

He hadn’t played this kind of game before, so it took about a minute for him to figure out how it worked and within 5 minutes he had figured out that money/reward system, upgraded his weapons and figured out to slow the bad buys with one weapon and then nail them with another. He made 50 levels on his first go (better than I did).

Miss7 arrived and started offering advice about arranging weapons in patterns, and started to tell him how many he could have using the funds (division). Together they unlocked the next level, all the time negotiating. All this noise of course attracted Mr9, who announced he was the ‘best’ because he played Starcraft (I love that kind of assumed brilliance), so everyone should listen to his view of how things needed to be done (which promptly failed, triggering spectacular rage-quit). Apparently, this game is not what he’s used to, and therefore ‘stupid’. He returned later to play of course and kept playing until he was top of the high score list.

For anyone who thinks kids are not able to collaborate (and work to their strengths – over age groups) think again. Great fun, and another fine example of how the dexterous little iPad is a great device for learning.