The summer of 69

Me an the guys from school, got a computers and we tried real hard …

This is great. Firstly – it shows a book up sequence of a computer in 1969, but wait there is more. Let the historical document roll.

The ‘boys’ are being taught about software and its design though the same syllabus constructs of 2010 (yep, I’ve taught it, so I know).

While you might snigger, check the Software Design Development syllabus, it’s not that different – apart from the fact that in the 1960s ‘boys’ were learning to create though languages, using technologies that barely existed – unlike 2010.

Hey, don’t flame me over SDD – I don’t expect anyone who reads this blog would fall into the timewarp … but imagine if the ‘boys’ were building the equivalent today – augmented reality, social games, virtual simulations and mobile applications.

Instead that vast majority are fart arsing about with VB. I particularly like the fact it’s VET IT – and that Nellie crashes at least once every 12 hours, and that adults find computers a mystery – unlike the ‘boys’. Hurrah! we’ve moved the classroom exactly three feet forward in 40 years. In fact, I’d argue it’s gone backwards, as we’re ditching the ‘lab’ and the fundamentals of computer science, replacing it with ‘operational skills’ and ‘social media’.

Come on boys, lets build a Blue Box.