Turn on the tv

Mr9 brought home his weekly photocopied sheet. This week, the low order questions are about counting the ads on commercial tv in the morning and in the afternoon, and suggesting why they are what they are. I assume he’s learning about media buying, discounts and regional placement strategy. I asked him why — he had no idea.

The problem is that he needs to watch 2 hours of commercial tv.

He has never done that before; and at best watched Merlin for an hour once a week.

I doubt he even noticed the ads as they are not important to kids like him — and as far as I know, my kids watch ABC3, never commercial TV. I dont want them to; any more than surfing titty sites online — it is lowest common denominator social conditioning. I know this, I worked in adland for many many years.

I wonder how it would be if he spent two hours online, which is far more relevant?