Why a $1.50 idea can change the world

Think about your last conference.

Think about the speakers you remember as ‘good’. They know your brian is only convinced if they work on knowledge, purpose and emotion at the same time. Its not random. Its a skill – and one which digital-teachers need to aquire.

To the creative mind there are no boring problems, only boring solutions. There is never one solution. For example: BMW created their luxury brand using a $1.50 interior light. They changed the way we think about a luxury car by designing for emotion. They could have told buyers they were a luxury brand, and given facts to back it up. But people are way to smart to believe facts alone. They worked on customer belief. Today, any car that wants to appear luxurious, refined and quality also dims the interior light after you get in. Cheap, nasty cars just have off and on.

Great keynotes change your belief, bad ones give you information.

So when I think about quality teaching, I think about invention, creativity, innovation and design. I need a degree of unconvention, disruption and perhaps even shock – because without it, I’m tuning out, drifting off. I can’t help it because to learn, our brains need a three course meal, not a snack.

So, if BMW can do it with a light, what can we do with todays technology – if we start mentoring teachers as designers of the environment, not classroom managers.