Ignite NSW #2

I’m really pleased to post a link to Macquarie University’s Ignite NSW Technologies in Education Conference on 22nd September 2010.

Like most Universities, we have a ‘learning and teaching week’. Last year the centre I work in did something different, by putting together a day which was all about connecting and sharing ideas, of what people are achieving with educational technology. A year is a very long time it seems – and I’m pleased to say that last year’s success, is providing a bigger and better symposium this year.

This year’s theme pays attention to social inclusion and diversity in a time of transition. All sectors are engaged in increasingly involved educational technology. Dealing with technology is not then just a matter of understanding it, analyzing it from its technical outside in: we must understand it from its human inside out (Gorayska and Mey, 1995).

We live in a time of great transition and opportunity, and we are often so busy in our various sectors, that we don’t fully understand the work of others, and the capabilities of students immersed in technological-learning and life.

I invite all teachers, pre-teachers and those interested in all aspects of learning technology to set the day aside and join us for a celebration of what is being done, and what is working well in learning and teaching. This is a vendor free event, and registration is free. We recognise the significant cost often associated with conferences, and hope that by hosting this event we will attract a wide range of people from all sectors of education.