What Twitter does > What Twitter is

“I have no idea why you’d use Twitter” he said to me, as I tried so very hard not to openly yawn at the prospect of the conversation continuing.

Okay, okay, you don’t get it. But in the grand scheme of things, it is fairly unremarkable that I’m hearing this.

Many ‘on’ Twitter may have noticed the #edchat tag appearing in global (not parochial) tagged conversations and wondered what it’s about?

It’s about this – an online daily newspaper using a neat little application, that is to Twitter what Feedly is to RSS – called Paper.li.

Now here’s what I suggest. Don’t mention Twitter to the folded arm types. Just show them this as a useful resource where they can pick up on technologies and solutions that teacher educators around the world think at valuable. Then put down the microphone and step back. There are many obvious uses beyond #edchat, and I leave you to dream them up. It is well worth checking out – and please God, perhaps we can use it to illustrate the diverse connections and content being shared.

This is a much more ‘real’ example of what Twitter does – rather than what Twitter ‘is‘ – the latter being impossible to explain – and way more meaningful that the PLW, PLN stuff … 🙂


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