ISTE 2010

“Any person, wholly or partially immersed in educational technology, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the passion displaced by their own actions”. (You can Tweet that).

I would like to thank the thousands of volunteers at ISTE, without whom – none of the people on stage pushing their warez could do so (far too many seemed un-empathic to that at times).

These are in fact the people who can actually change classrooms below the social media waterline. Notice them.

Godin is wrong – it’s not all about ‘me’ today than it ever was before. Enjoy your friends and treasure your kids. God knows, its more important than where you are the mayor … and to 12 year old Madison – thanks so much for taking over and enchanting the teachers in the Games and MMO session – it was fantastic to see a full room on what is a highly debated topic.

See … you can learn a lot without power pointing someone to death or killing trees.

Special thanks to SIG-V legions and everyone I met for the first, and hopefully not the last, time. When my kids get home I’m sending them to Elizabeth, Pat and Amy at MICDS, I’ll miss em – but it’s probably the responsible thing to do.

And to all those ‘leaders’ who are ‘working towards’ and still watching from the grandstand – get on with it – Its not about what you think … retire or co-operate please. The current and future leaders in education look nothing like the past.

Deal with it, but more importantly – invest in it. Laptops have guaranteed obsolescence, students don’t.

So if you’re a leader, spend money on teachers at the point of collision with a lavishness that makes your head spin, the grandstands are full … time to make choices.

Thanks ISTE 2010.

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  1. Beaut stuff, Dean! Should be compulsory reading for all Ed. leaders! “Working towards” should be banned from the educational/learning vocabulary!
    Twitter: @meekjoe

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