Video Report: This is 21st Century Learning

All year, I’ve had the absolute privilege to have worked with Jeff and his students in Montana. Now I know it’s all cool and trendy to professionally develop teachers, drag in consulting teams etc., but this is the metaverse – around here, we kick things a little differently. We go direct to the source – students.

My part in all this was to help develop the unit of work around Animal Farm, the same unit that we’re now taking to the Virtual World. We took the ideas of game based learning, new taxonomies and engagement – and dropped them into traditional subject matter. Same content, same school — very simple tools, but with big game like goals. For me it’s been all about designing a learning method, and working with Jeff, getting student feedback has been the most fun I’ve had in education. And it’s okay to have fun – right?

This is a video that one of Jeff’s students made about it. Empower the students to believe and achieve things that they felt impossible, and make the whole learning process centered on cybergogy, not pedagogy.

Do you think Lizzy learned much first quarter?


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