Wrestling for student attention in 2020.

While many are thinking about the future of education, the mutli-billion dollar games industry is thinking about the future of games. We might need to pay attention.

They have mega-kongbucks to throw at technology and innovation, despite recent sales figures showing that the current line up of titles, especially on consoles isn’t making as much money as they might like. And the do like money. Their solution will be yet more innovation and even greater engagement with story, immersion and social play.

IGN asked a raft of experts how they see gaming in 2020. Interestingly they see the stigmata of ‘games’ fading as the industry converges on mobile devices, consumer products and social media.

No one is raised in society today that doesn’t play games. It doesn’t matter their age or gender at this point – everyone is kind of dialled in to games. J. Allen Brack (Production Director for World of Warcraft, Blizzard)

with social media and user-generated content playing central roles in how players define themselves and the experiences they have with the games they play. Dan Greenawalt (Game Director at Turn 10 Studios)

We will use it so symbiotically; we will take it for granted. We will use it where and when we want, and the concept of “platform” will have long been forgotten. Kelly Zmak (President, Radical Entertainment)

In 2020, we will have virtual identities and all of our content will be associated to those identities through digital credentials. Randy Pitchford (President, Gearbox Software)

Online will be defacto, as will social gaming, with whatever replaces Facebook/Twitter being tightly integrated into our gaming experience. Gareth Wilson (Lead Designer, Bizarre Creations)

These people (who you’ve never heard of) understand ‘engagement’ more than any educational system. They are the ones redefining it. It is these people whom teachers must wrestle for the attention of students. http://au.pc.ign.com/articles/106/1069328p1.html It might be an idea to figure out just how they do that?