Parent Projects – WTF?

There are days when I feel as though there is no bottom. Today is yet another example. The 4th Grade home research project.

Many of you probably did this one about 20 years ago, and it seems not much has changed. Its still crap.

Here’s the assessment task – verbatim.

“You are to do research on an Australian invention, innovation, achievement or discovery eg Hills Hoist rotary clothesline (1945). Surf live-saving reel (1906), Kiwi Boot Polish (1906), first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by air (1928). Find out who did this, where and why it helped. You will need to write your information carefully. You will present it to your class as an ORAL INFORMATION REPORT during week 6.

it gets better …

It is best to use palm cards to assist, rather than reading from a sheet. You need to rehearse well at home to build confidence. You will be assessed on (this is the best bit for spectrum kids) … How clearly you speak, preparation, content and preparation to the audience. Try Googling Australian Inventions or look in the books available in the library”.

I could highlight ALL the borking issues here, but suffice to say please please don’t send this crap home – all that happens is that the parents do it (as their parents did for them 20 years ago) – using the same presentation methods of 20 years ago.

The good news is, I made a spuffy new banner that I’m going to use for future WTF posts. Please feel FREE to use it if you find your own examples of the void.


2 thoughts on “Parent Projects – WTF?

  1. My kids were doing a similar thing on famous leaders. Rather than forcing them to deliver presentations (and me to sit through 27 of them), I have given them 20 minutes to teach the class something about their leader. I also want them to teach the class in a way that shows me how they like to learn.

    Not sure what I will get yet, but I am certain it will be more interesting than the oral reports … for all concerned!

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