‘Here’s a blog worth checking out’

My blog was kindly attributed an award by Alexandra Francisco. Needless to say that I am really honored to have been thought of. I have a real thing right now about how important networked ideas are – and looking well beyond your hashtagged burbclaves.

I am utterly hopeless at maintaining a blog roll, and rely on my RSS feeder to run frantically behind the crowd.

Here’s the background: the award is part of the initiative “Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog”, which, basically, intends to spread the word about blogs that we think are worth checking out. There are a couple of rules you need to follow:

1- Copy and display the picture of the award given to you;
2- Link back to the blog that nominated you;
3- Nominate 10 different blogs yourself;

4- Inform the people you nominated, so they can in turn, continue the chain and spread the word about all the wonderful blogs out there.
Not too hard to follow, is it? And it’s a great way to call people’s attention to the wonderful work being done by bloggers all over the world. So, bearing that in mind, here are my nominations – which are not any measure of importance, just places that I find interesting around the things I find, well, interesting.
  1. We Fly Spitfires. With a title like that, the blog has to be interesting, Gordon delivers.
  2. HeyJude – I’d still be sitting on my ass without Jude.
  3. The Metaverse Journal – David Holloways epic look at Virtual Worlds from Australia
  4. Teachpaperless – Shelly. A gun-slinging blog. This is exactly the kind of teacher I want for my kids (if he could only stop he Hordish ways)
  5. Teaching Generation Z – Grahame Wegner. First blog I read a lot – and still do.
  6. John Connell – Giving me more reasons that I need to move to Scotland
  7. Dwell on it – Love what Tateru writes, the way it is written and the insight beyond the obvious.
  8. Learning with E’s – Steve Wheeler fights the dark mists of academic prose to make a lot a sense.
  9. Ollie Bray – Ripping out old tired ideas and filling classrooms with adventure, fun and plenty of inspiration
  10. Teacherman79 – the only teacher mad enough to let me work with his kids. Exactly the kind of teacher I’d trust my kids with.

This list is about people who make me rethink all the stuff I think I know – but obviously don’t. A fraction of the people who influence me; support me and challenge me.


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