Yours Truely

“What on earth are you talking about?”
“It’s like, if you –people of a certain age– would make some effort to stay in touch with sort of basic, modern day events then your kids wouldnt have to take such drastic measures”.

Y.T to her mother in Stephenson’s Snow Crash.

If colleagues are not even noticing the changing world and don’t recognize significant events; the launch of a new product; the retirement of an old one; the introduction of newer, faster, cheaper connectivity — the possibility and potential for personal change is almost zero.

It has been mentioned to me, more than once, that ‘doing’ internal staff development feels like being a nagging child lecturing a disinterested parent.

Some don’t care and that’s a reality. There are not enough spoons to feed everyone — so the use of technology (and resonating teaching strategy) will be at patchy.

Reconcile the frustration by celebrating what you can do, who you can work with – students. Leave rusty-brains aside.