My dad’s a futurist

I left school before this was made. Back in the day the only mention of computers were in obscure educational shows. Computers were not consumer grade items back then. I recall my dad, a chemist, used to take me to the company ‘social club’ once a month at Trent Bridge, where a bunch of people would drag in televisions, tape recorders and computers – that was a good 4 years or so before this show – and certainly didn’t have the gorgeous Lesley Judd.

I’m aware that everything my kids use now; will look this old by the time they leave school. I am not quite sure what parts of technology are important – and I guess neither did my dad … but I guess he had two choices – go with it; or discount it. It’s quite depressing to think that 24 years later – distinguishing between bit-map and vector, static and animated – are HSC outcome statements – and at the same time, most of the teacher’s with laptops in their classrooms would get it wrong. You could use this in class, it’s valid. Spot the Illustrator logo and Flash time line.

Thanks dad.


2 thoughts on “My dad’s a futurist

  1. Uhmmm bit-maps or BMP’s are found in apps like Flash and Illustrator, Vectors are used in Photoshop. Did I pass as a HSC teacher 🙂

    • it would be a worry if YOU didn’t know, was it a question on the DER survey? Actually Photoshop is a poor example; Autocad is more in the spirit of things, as these relate to more mathematical and engineering uses of graphics. That’s the problem to some degree – many applications now are holistic. We really need to go back to basics. Anything after 1993 is too new.

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