I like this search engine because it has something that others don’t have. It allows you to search the metaverse more specifically. It seems to lag a bit when you hit the button, but the results are somewhat ‘tune-able’ within ideas of social media and blogs. I already have plenty of sources via RSS that I enjoy, but at times I do want to look for the more obscure, and in doing so want to do so without the inevitable alignment with product that Googleborg insists I want to see.

The tools allow you to search in intentional ways. If you have decided to teach students about primary, secondary and metaverse sources – using Feedmill would be a great way of allowing students to explore differentiated contexts – if only to explain that they exist. The results will probably be DET-unfriendly, but for other schools, it would provide an interesting activity to get students to critically analyse the results. At the end of the lesson, the outcome of ‘wow, so Google isn’t the one pathway’, then it’s worth using.

I am sure a Librarian will provide a better evaluation of the tool itself, but I found it interesting. In a world increasingly interested in ‘reputation’ – you can see how the results are not concerned with commercial alignment, but with frequency and popularity. I found some of the results a bit eclectic, however it did bring to the surface spaces and people that would not normally rank on Google’s first page. I looks like a good idea and I’ll be interested to see what other people write about it.