Photoshop turns 20

I admit it. I had Photoshop 1, and still have it running on a black and while Macintosh. I managed to hack out a living, largely based on Photoshop, and though the features have long surpassed my needs, it really represents software that has grown with the worlds demand for eCreativity. Unlike Office Automation tools – Photoshop has turned and twisted with the times, from humble beginnings for pre-press, through to amazing effects for multimedia. I never feel using Photoshop as being a chore. While people may say technology is a fad, Photoshop really tells a different story.

Here are some great articles from Life Hacker … that demonstrate just how much this application has done for everything we see and read today. Happy Birthday Photoshop!


2 thoughts on “Photoshop turns 20

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  2. That is so cool you gave v1.0 running (what machine?). I think I started with 2 or 3 my first year at Maricop- I remember browsing the shelves if software in the office and naturally being curious about photo software.

    Shhh those pre-layer days when all the cool stuff was in channel operations… I always dud, and still do, consider PhotoShop to be infinite software: you never get near the knits if what it can do.

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