Immersive In home theater

Google Liquid Galaxy Project – a very impressive demonstration of immersive interaction using Google Earth/Street View. Now consider that the price of projectors is falling, together with their size and price. Now take another thing on board – consoles are looking to ditch the controller – and put you in the middle of the interaction – as the controller … does it not seem entirely logical that the days of the ‘desktop’ and the ‘browser’ as we know it will be as transformed in the next few years — just as 3G is transforming where and how we access information.

It is a shame the syllabus is still talking about duplex and half-duplex transmission and baud rates … as it might give some teachers the impression that that is actually ICT in 2010, or that others will see this as ‘real’ yet Second Life is ‘virtual. Good video, never the less.