Two for the road

Two great sites out this week I noticed – a nice (and perhaps not banned) Word visualiser called WordItOut and a more positive site from the government that has perhaps been over shadowed by the MySchool spanking – Cybersmart. Both are excellent examples of resources that TEACHERS should be free to choose – without being judged by some bureaucrat or network administrator – who thinks they are implementing policy — when in fact they are making it harder for teachers to do exactly the things that Gillard is demanding in her bizarre, public way.

Cybersmart is a brave effort – though obviously very conservative. In one section it says “The Schools Gateway offers a wide range of accessible and engaging resources to assist primary and secondary schools to develop and implement a holistic approach to cybersafety.” – the problem here is that there is no focus in the curriculum for it. Its another thing to teach – which means something gets cut out. In the new era of high-stakes testing and public reporting, I often wonder why these things are produced as value-adds — when in fact they should be foundation courses.


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