The League of Ordinary Teachers

I am declaring that in order to create a manifesto for sustainable school change in Australia. I am founding (but don’t want to own) the ‘League of Ordinary Teachers’.

A movement of teachers to share and exchange ideas on professional practice AND make firm, fair and friendly representation of what teachers want – to government. (After all, the government seems to happy to make public statements about what parents want).

The draft manifesto of the League is to be created by it’s members.

I hope there will be regional TweetMeets in schools for both parents and teachers. If that get’s banned, lets just get coffee and do it anyway. The rest we can figure out as we go.

Please add one item you would like to see on the manifesto – as an ordinary teacher. Here are 3 I came up with (as no one wants to go first, everyone likes to watch blah)

please vote or add another at the LOOT uservoice poll here.

    Right now we are a thousand teachers, doing a thousand things. Join the League, combine efforts and make sustainable change with a peer developed manifesto that pressures policy.

    Please RT the forum and add a link in your blog. Comments welcome and appreciated. – LOOT (League of Ordinary Teachers). Follow @AULOOT on Twitter. I hope you will support the League and help get it off the ground.