If the shoe fits #2

Get out from behind that desk … why do you need it anyway? No one should still be relying on search to find answers and filters to block content in today’s learning environment. Students should not be asked to troll the billions of pages online by teachers who are digitally illiterate. The internet is neither a baby sitter or a solution provider, yet accepted levels of professionalism in ICT classrooms often seems that way. As shocking as searching and pasting into Powerpoint is – it ticks the ICT compliance boxes.
Year 10 and 12  students are preparing for their futures at home by using sites like Bored of Studies right now. They are not cheating, they are being ‘natives’.
If the test is so predicable that they can get the answers in a forum or as coached notes from their teach-bot then let them win – don’t blame them for gaming the system.
There won’t be a HSC student in Australia that won’t consider logging onto Bored of Studies in the next few weeks in preparation for their HSC (if they can) – but very few teachers who will give them an alternative place to log-into. If the teacher isn’t motivating them to develop deeper enquiry then students have every right to take the easy option. Just like everyone else.