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There are times, when I see something new and think, oh my god. Game changer. Unity3D is that.

It might not look much here, but go and see how fast it loads, how graphically rich it is, how it deals with sound, runs on a browser, allows flash like interactions, and is already in commercial use on multiple consoles and even iPhone.

Spend 20 minutes playing with it, watching it, using it – then ask yourself – why do I still believe that content and online experience will not move from my computer to my phone, my car, my wall or my console. Here’s a starter world just to get you immersed. As you are looking at this think about all the flash content you’ve used … blend it all together with game-play and instructional design – and you can see why game and content developers are flocking to it. Before you rush off, you may remember playing Timez Attack – the Mathematics Video game … it’s on Unity3D.

Still feeling left out? Not into solo games – how about a serious game, WolfQuest, where multiple players form a wolf pack and explore life – well, as wolf. Why is it serious? – Because it is instructionally designed for a real zoo and real organisation to engage kids in a social game, to learn about the environment. It’s co-produced with an educational developement company – EduWeb – a to me represents a new avenue for educators to explore professionally – designing learning for immersive environments. Taking ‘play’ and wrapping it in ‘learning’ is what games based learning is all about. Unity3D is just another technology changing the role of teachers online and why teachers can ill afford to limit themselves to teaching procedural functions of computer and Internet use.

6 thoughts on “Unity3D

  1. Doesn’t work in Linux and it’s not free or open source.

    See O3D or Project Wonderland instead for cross-platform solutions.

    Ultimately a virtual world engine that runs on Android would be nice – that would work on cell phones, netbooks or regular computers.

  2. Unity 3d is now free in its basic form. Render to texture and video integration is disabled though. However even at its most basic it has a world of possibilities.

    At the Peninsula Medical School E-learning support group we are currently developing a Virtual Dental Clinic using Unity 3d Pro.

    Every academic that sees the current development of that project has a brain explosion of learning scenarios that are possible within it.

    I highly recommend it.

    Tim Wheeler
    E-Learning Support Group
    Peninsula Medical School

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