Dust in the eye

Picture 4

I woke up today to red dust on the Central Coast, and the meta-verse was awash with thousands of photos – creating a shared reality that makes news reporting seem rather facile.

I got up, stumbled to the kitchen and looked out the window. What the? – I didn’t turn on the TV, I looked at Twitter – and saw that only a few minutes ago Jo Kay had posted a photo from her balcony too. So did lots of other people. Then my 6 year old came in with her camera and said “Dad, we have to get some photos”. Technology changes how we experience, remember and interact. The visual sharing of images has been clearly amazing.

Or you could just watch Koshie and advertising on a loop. Right now I’m flicking though Cool Iris, drinking coffee and posting my instance of Sydney’s Red Dust and talking to people about the amazing narratives that are embedded in some of the photos taken as micro-stories. Twitcaps allows you to search and view images via Twitter in real time – The image above is an almost CCTV vision of Sydney. Technology is tremendously time-sensitive and search is increasingly not about text.


2 thoughts on “Dust in the eye

  1. Sums it up beautifully! i had a similar experience this morning and was struck by how rarely I need mainstream media these days.. its becoming an anachronism! 😉

  2. that’s what I did too. I checked twitter straight away without even thinking. infact… terrible as it sounds, checking twitter is one of the first things I do every day, reading the newspaper online comes after checking all my social networking stuff… how things change.

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