Honey, we got your report and … we need to talk.

talk the talk and walk the walk

talk the talk and walk the walk

THE SCHOOL REPORT has shown up, and well, frankly – its a bit of a broken record. Must try harder, doesn’t stay on task, distracts others, easily distracted, does not take responsibility for his own learning, often skips class and disrespects the teacher. Yep, I just read another government funded report on the state of 21st Century Education Revolution Matrix Cyber Robocop 2.0.

The solution to the incremental, unpredictable and epic changes that have occurred in technology, have obviously impacted vast sections of society, who don’t remember a world before broadband, let alone arguing with parents over phoning friends with a land line. If I can Google it, so can you -add to it, don’t just reference it. Australia is not leading 21st Century anything, unless you count committees and sub committees to form working parties to investigate blah.

Here’s a summary of what NOT to include in report – cause we can Google it for ourselves. – so take note bureaucrats and those who lurk at foot of government. We are onto you.

  1. We know it’s the 21st Century, so stop making a reference to it as though it’s futuristic and don’t use it in the title.
  2. Most of the tools teachers want are blocked and are not emerging at all, they are here.
  3. Do not create another quango and acronym, but by action
  4. Stop telling people what ‘they’ need to do and start training them how to do something to solve your problem – and recognise it.
  5. Stop quoting the Horizon Report and others; and get your backside into a classroom and try some of your ideas out personally
  6. Education is a political act that has social consequences this is why we elect them to do the job for us, not the other way around.

I went to a class recently (not where I work) and we turned off the spell check . People typed in their responses to a problem set on a common shared page wiki. It was quite obvious that the assembled students found this confronting, challenging down right weird. If they dont used to communicating, leading and solving, then this will be because the quangos and political courtesans have failed to provision sufficient scholarly challenges; choosing to remain risk adverse and gaze endlessly at what ‘we’ need to do.

Report writers and researchers (reference) are not longer the smartest people in the room anymore, because there is no room. Reports of not sufficient to justify your existence.

If a teacher works 4 hours a week learning technology and working after school on reports and resources that works out about $500,000 a year per school. We have noticed this.  Like the man said, dangerously irrelevant


One thought on “Honey, we got your report and … we need to talk.

  1. 20th Century Syllabus, Assessment, Measurement and Reporting have anchored schools and stifled pedagogical progress. They have in conjunction made teachers stagnate, forcing them to re-hash last year’s learning materials and teach to the test.

    But it’s actually got worse over time as political correctness has set in. When we as parents were the children, we were graded against our peers. We knew we came 18th out of 28 in our history class and 25th out of 30 in Maths. Parents were not happy with those results and “motivated” us to do better. Now as students we are wallowed in confusion and positive double-talk in our reports.

    Did it work for us when we were kids? I’m not sure. Is it working now for our kids? I doubt it. How much longer can we keep doing this without totally stuffing a generation? I think it’s too late.

    I wrote an article sort of about this way back in 2006. Have a read if you’re interested. http://paralleldivergence.com/2006/11/18/why-are-we-dumbing-down-our-future/

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