Beautiful puzzles and alco foil planets

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SAMOROST is a beautiful browser based flash puzzle game. The animation, illustration. sound and character development is amazing. A stand out in the genre of online games and puzzles. The basic level is also FREE, loads fast and invites exploration! It is so visually rich that it can easily be used to create a digital story or narrative well outside the computer screen. The art is engaging and contemporary in young children’s animation right now that primary teachers would have no problem in using it to motivate a range of classroom activities. (Unless it’s DET in which case it might be blocked).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kids could play the game and create new stories and illustrations and make a book. Send the pictures and words to SnapFish, give the URL to parents – hey presto! It would be wonderful not hard. Hard is making alco foil planets and wire figures in a 3D animated film (oh damn, that’s not hard either – you don’t need a video camera or buy fancy software). Easy activity for K6.

You’re right – Samarost is a fantastic springboard for learning in many KLAs.
Here are some blog posts I wrote when I used it first with my Year 4, 5, 6 class in 2007.

This game really helped open my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities of using games in the classroom.

Hope you get to use this game with a really lucky class soon!



I’m going to facilitate a discussion on using simple games to promote motivational story telling at the Jokaydia Annual Unconference in Second Life 24/6 September. I hope anyone whos interested in using games and playful learning and storytelling will join the session which is free. Check here for all the information on this event – which is always amazing.

To cook up this lesson:
Tools needed
: 3  Samorost , Snapfish and a digital camera — Learning curve for kids : Nil —  Learning curve for teachers : 1-2 hours


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