Zelda in the classroom

The Legend of Zelda is perhaps the best game franchises ever. Despite being an early console game; it’s ability to weave a narrative with great game play and puzzle solving earned it respect. Many of today’s game developers and story writers grew up on Zelda. Today you can grab an old console on eBay and still enjoy a great game in the classroom. Story telling via games is an increasingly lucrative place for writers, artists and animators – with countless media spin offs. The Zelda legend is something that can be incorporated into the classroom, from literacy to art or music in the same way many have used Myst. Zelda, like many games has a community – and this article gives some insight into why this type of game lives on. Alive and saving the princess – there’s just 4 weeks to finish your entry for the online fan-fiction, so really what more do you need to get started with games in the classroom.

Save the princess, save education.