In a Perfect World

IN A PERFECT WORLD everyone would be a great storyteller, and be able to create compelling narratives and imaging worlds and characters. If they were gifted at art, like this 6 year old, they could illustrate like Brian Froud. But we can’t. Most of us are pretty regular – even those who attend pay-to-learn schools. Games provide a narrative that students can use to build from. Who hasn’t come out of the movies with friends and talked about a better ending or how they disliked the character even though they should have loved them. Shared experience based on shared reality is what is driving social-networks – and can power classrooms.

PERFECT WORLD – is a high quality online MMORPG – that has a lot of detail in it’s story telling. The game’s Asian origins have afforded it an back story which in itself could be viewed as contemporary literature.

In an age when the Heavens were not yet stretched over the Earth, and Hell still silent beneath the lands of creation. When all creatures bright and dark had yet to grasp the first weapons and tools left behind by the gods and their children, there was the Void.

Picture 9The game features three races, with two distinct classes. There are distinct race-requirements to play them there is a lot of variety in terms of what – and who – you’ll see running around. Of course, that also means that the more popular classes are in abundance. To make it more bearable, “Perfect World” features very detailed character customization. Hair, ears, nose, breast size, and more can all be tweaked, resulting in characters that look similar, but different enough to appear unique. So for those lamenting the lack of access to Teen Second Life – PERFECT WORLD, when aligned with outcomes – can offer a wide range of learning experiences. Yes it’s a game, but it is a social-game. The term ‘video game’ is far too facile to describe today’s interactive offerings. Yes some of the characters are not wearing their Sunday Church clothes – but then this is not 1809, and if we apply that logic – then we might as well close the internet and entertainment business down – the photo opposite is pretty typical of the ‘toons’ – and that is what they are … toons … just like moving, interactive paintings … and we study those in school now don’t we?