Dissolving, Revolving or Evolving?

This is kind of interesting – especially if you are into the whole ‘big numbers’ stuff. I think I read way more marketing and gaming slide decks that Edu – I know what the shift is thanks – is a marketing message, and that PD only works 1:1 with simple tools – on demand and pretty happy with how things are panning out right now. Eventually this presentation gave me the impression that social networks are not really markets, but just a maelstrom of conversations; some of which is relevant, but most dissolves as fast as they appear. Seriously do I give a crap what some comic thinks via Twitter? or if some minor-tv panelist Tweets about how cool they are? – I am looking for ideas and methods, not more problems to agree with.

I’m sure that for every Tweet I see that gives me something new, I miss a thousand more – and thats a good thing probably. In fact; despite liking Twitter – it’s just there; and I’m probably not paying attention for the vast majority of the time. I do spend less time in the Brickyard and The Samba; but basically – Twitter feels better than talking to yourself – even though I probably am much of the time. It feels like being in a revolving door at times.

I really only have meaningful conversations with a limited few via Twitter – I can’t deal with the enormity of the follower thing. When it comes to learning, I think I’m much more focused on my own – readying Feedly; and although many are saying that they blog less; taking a lot of information to micr0-blogs such as Twitter and Plurk instead – I’m not sure how much impact they have for me – apart from ‘collecting’ resources that I generally just flick to Posterous with the semi-intention of reading later. I wonder if it actually ‘evolves’ my thinking.

It seems interesting that at #BLC09 that Cover It Live simply sucked Twitter into a deeper mix of media, something I noticed at #necc09, and TwitCam provides a ridiculously simple way to broadcast and get comments. Is the almighty Twitter is beginning to dissolve it’s relevance for me? So many spammers, so little point. I do like the self-styled marketing coaching guru profiles. Their photos often remind me of those that were in the local barbers as a kid – beaming their confidence at me.

I might give it a miss for a month – see what happens – and spend more time in some of the ‘back-catalogue’ of blog posts that I clearly missed – or better still – back in the Brickyard.