8 months and 1 wiki? – what do we do all day

PLEASINGLY, after several months of persistence, I am finding a softening of academic suspicion over the word ‘wiki’. The Scientists, Computer typs and Educators have been dabbling with Wiki’s for ages of course (under the table) and haven’t really looked up. But, after 7 months of development Wikis are now available to some 2000 academics at an enterprise level. So potentially I’m stuffed if they all want one tomorrow! – But already interest is flowing in for using wikis as learning tools. I’m always amazed how Web2.0 moves once you get past the inertia period.

This is a presentation that I’ve used to prime potential groups of users.

I’d like to thank Tim Allen, who is leaving Macquarie for further study. Without his evaluation, research and attention to detail we’d have crashed and burned. It’s been a long campaign, but now winning more than we lose.


5 thoughts on “8 months and 1 wiki? – what do we do all day

  1. Our primary school pupils create wikis and suggest blogs, forums, wikis as a way to share their ideas to improve their own learning. If our 10 year olds can do it…….

  2. Dean, thank you for this post and for sharing the slideshow. I found it so interesting because last year in a Leadership meeting we decided to start a wiki for a book discussion. Mind you, I knew better by then than to introduce that idea; someone else did. (Our staff is very resistant to tech.) The outcome was that most people said “It’s too confusing!” and only 3 of us used it. I guess that’s a start! Of course PBworks is not difficult–there were just too many refusers.

    Those 3 teachers and I continue to use wikis and Nings. I hope we can move forward this year as your building did. I sure would like to hold a mini-seminar on this for our staff. It’s hard to find the time to donate when I have a full schedule of 6 classes of my own. I’m pumped from a summer of rest & research; I will try it! You’ve motivated me. Thanks againn.

    • thank you! – simple, small things work – and my view on giving things away is that maybe, just maybe someone else can use to gain another yard.

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  4. Hi Dean,

    Liked you presentation. UTAS too are going with an Enterprise wiki – at least for our pilot. I’d be interested in which one you chose and why? We are trialling Atlassian’s Confluence wiki due to concerns that it must be internally hosted, supported and secured. I emphathise with your position.


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