Picture 4 Kindersite is a fantastic site for teachers and parents. Where children play and teachers learn is just so inviting. I really like the way that the site has not felt the need to add bling; but focus on quality learning experiences. The site states it’s mission

1. To offer early learners, from the age of 2 years, a safe and engaging environment whereby they can find and use appropriate content on the Internet, in the form of games, stories and songs.

2. To offer academic educational researchers a tool that can measure and correlate data on children’s use of content on the site, according to their research criteria. The project will incorporate a mechanism whereby the research can be followed-up offline.

The site has a some great applications and more interestingly; an active community of schools, parents and teachers collaborating. The site has a few bad links; but can be forgiven in that the wide range of activities are being provided in the cause of learning; not adsense or other attempt at generating micro-revenue. The site does pull resources from other sites such as Fisher Price and this is going to be good for parents.