Assume Nothing2.0

WHEN talking about ‘technology’, or rather talking about the parts of technology you think are important (Web2.0); it pays to assume that to many people the words you are using are often mis-understood. People often ask me ‘how is it going’ at work and the reply is the same ‘still looking for the bottom’. To me its not so much that people don’t want to move forward, but that they are not really sure where they are right now. I don’t accept that people can’t change but do accept that they may not want to. Its well worth asking questions like this inside your organisation too.


2 thoughts on “Assume Nothing2.0

  1. Hmm… does it really matter though (except to Microsoft and Mozilla), it’s not the tool that people use that is important. Most of these people were able to use the internet without knowing what browser they were using. It is good to be reminded that not everyone is emersed in technology. 🙂

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