What is this? – What does it do? – What can I use it for? – all valid questions when learning about something new. If I was talking to someone in the white goods industry I would expect a detailed answer, they might recognise some of the design traits and tell me, it’s a Phillips – used at home – it’s a consumer toaster and tell me some of it’s features.

Imagine talking to a the salesman in a high street electrical store – who when I asked ‘what is this?’, replied “I don’t know, I’ve never used one so never bothered to find out”. And if I pressed them to find out they replied ‘we think it’s called a toaster, so it should make toast, but I’m not really sure – so I suggest you buy a grill”. Grills make toast.

Now imagine that for some bizarre reason, this salesman became the product manager and was in charge of buying the stock for the store. To stop the customer asking about toasters, he’d fill the store’s with grills. Of course that means everyone who does know about toasters can only sell grills and talk about grills … the store will of course go bankrupt eventually.

I love toast.