Form a line, the internet is down


So what happens when 14,000 people come to an ed-tech conference about Web2.0, the wifi dies. Despite pre-registration, publication of the type of technologies being used, #necc09 wifi died a a thousand deaths before lunchtime – seriously did they think we’d all bring chalk boards or OHPs?

While problematic for the ‘line-up here’ events for the digital tourists; more importantly it killed conversations that we’re happening in the halls and lounges. ISTE promotes the event as ISTE connects; and for much of edtech communities – this is the only real value – talking to people about ideas; ways to share and experiences.

“We didn’t expect this volume” is the reply, it will come back up “its not really our problem” … the volunteers around the halls are running for cover. How on earth does anyone expect to convince anyone that the internet in education is not a black hole. Lack of power outlets, seating and now internet for ‘third space’ informal learning simply wrote off my day.


4 thoughts on “Form a line, the internet is down

  1. Behold, you’ve hit upon exactly my frustrations. I had a great session with lots of good info on Wikis, but I had no ability to connect to my own wiki during it.

    I’ve met a lot of people here, but no one who actually had time to sit down and talk. And I’ve been running from session to session, and I’ve had a croissant today. The food issue is also a big one.

  2. It must have been really frustrating, to say the very least. I hope I do not go through the same problem as I’ll be presenting for the very first time in a seminar here in Brazil in one of our Binational Centers in Brasilia. Honestly I don’t know how I’d manage to face this problem and find a way to improvise.

  3. Sadly, it’s always like this. There is no way to accommodate the masses. Capturing what is being said and being able to post it is important to me, so I bring my own USB Modem and eliminate all of the frustrations. This is my second year of bringing my own modem and it makes all the difference!

    I also have learned to carry my own surge protector so that at least I can turn that lonely wall outlet into resources for six people!

  4. No longer are you describing the public option as a bureaucratic nightmare, but merely mildly inferior in a way that millions upon millions of Americans are willing to accept. ,

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