What do gamers know that  teachers can learn?

I wonder, if a gamer was going to design a classroom activity – what would it look like? – would they ‘use’ the web in the same way?. To many teachers, the internet is just there, and unless you do something different, then you’ll stay the same. But the internet has changed, its no longer ‘just there’ – it’s everywhere – and what it brings is more than web-pages. It’s personalised, remixed, shared and co-operative. We play ‘games’ and manipulate ‘virtual worlds’ over the internet, and inside the browser. There are hundreds of worlds, with millions of users, residents and players, and we are not just browsing the web, or using Facebook. It appears on pocket game consoles, mobile phones and even pre-school toys. Massive Multiplayer Online Games are ‘virtual’ – as the multi-billion dollar gaming industry looks for increased online delivery and subscription based solutions, replacing optical media. At the centre of much of this learning inside games, worlds and networks – is motivation.

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3 thoughts on “Game-ED

  1. I’m amazed reading through this blog…the question you pose at the very start could be/is such an important turning point in terms of eduction and something to really think about. I for one strongly believe that this blogpost hits the bullseye in terms of setting out the foundation for creating successful projects and activities, within a classroom, because according to this blog, people are being asked to look through the vision of students and sort of things that motivate them, alongside things they enjoy to do…

    Second page of the scribd doc, is just amazing and something I’m going to force my teachers to have a look at and will suggest to all…

    Thnkz for this post…ps: I like the new look

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