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Just too Easy is a fantastic tool for educators. It allows for synchronous publishing in a kind of hybrid manner. Word processing, desktop publishing and webpages. Its something that I think is well worth investigation – especially in K-6. From a pedagogy viewpoint, I can see a great deal of potential for using it really effectively in the classroom. Here is a more formal review that you can look at that I created, just touching on the features and benefits as a quick start guide.


There are videos on their website that are also well worth a look. The classroom management features are excellent and all wrapped up in almost ‘tux paint‘ like simplicity of it’s graphical interface. The live nature of it’s collaboration is a real step forward to me. I especially liked the idea that a teacher could prepare a task, throw it up on a projector and then ask students to work on it with them from their PC. It almost has IWB like characteristics in that regard, so would make a cheap but engaging addition to the classroom. I am not a fan of teaching kids about ‘office automation’ which is largely what Microsoft Office has done for a decade or more.

J2E allows for simple creation, embedded web objects (YouTube, Teacher Tube) and easily moves between paper and web activities.

It would make a great platform to migrate K6 lesson activities into the collaborative, digital classroom. There are a few things that I would like to have seen differently – but these are very minor in comparison to the potential use of this – within a properly structured programme of work. I think it would make for a great web based project too for students too, given that it seemed to be very able to embed a massive range of object code – and allow for really simple voice recording and drawing. Its at times like these you want to grab a year 3 class and do something fun!

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  1. Hi Guys as one of the co-authors of j2e I’m delighted to see you like it. Please feel free to give us any improvement suggestions, we are a very pro-active company.

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