The Power of PLNs


So day one at my new job. Lots of random people, names and faces to remember. Much of the day spent trying to figure out how these people in offices communicate and looking at a proposed paper on ePortolios.

After reading that, I talked on Skype with Allison Miller who I met earlier in the year to discuss.

img_0019I wasn’t too sure if Allison was the one with the ePortfolio Lens or not, so I asked Twitter. After a 10 minute conversation on Skype.

I now have bags of information, directions and links to look at. The power of a learning network never fails to amaze me. I could Google all day long, spend hours searching the archives … or just ask Twitter and take a short cut to the good stuff. Thanks Allison! New desk, same network.

All I have to do now is figure out that people do with all these filing cabinets.


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