Student Strikes Back

Wow, this was fantastic to read. One of the students at my old school. He’s been lurking around blogging for a few months I suspect and its fantastic to see him jump in an write such a great reflection – from the student viewpoint.

Teachers at our school are really starting to blossom as 21 century tutors. A major part of being such a group of talented teachers, undertaking PBL( problem/project based learning) for first time in entire Australia, is that they to are learning alongside students.

It’s intresting that he’s calling them ‘tutors’ not teachers for one and also that he reflects on the student experience of the recent Animal Farm project. I highly recommend this post as a read. I am not sure that I would have previously expected a 9th grade student to write something like this in any context, let alone in reflecting on his learning, in what has fast become a benchmark in collaborative learning. Meeting grade expectation is one thing – but to find a track-back like this is quite another.

4 thoughts on “Student Strikes Back

  1. Dean,

    This student offers a strong tribute to the faculty that developed and implemented this fantastic and innovative project! This student’s perspective points out that learning is happening on many levels for both students AND teachers. In this case, the “teachers’ learning” is evaluated by the STUDENT! How clever and utterly refreshing!

    I left a comment for the student! Will encourage others to do the same. Thanks for your post – which pointed to a real “gold nugget.”

  2. Thankyou so much Dean, I could not have done with your help and advice. It’s so plaesing for me to see you still being invovled in school work. That reminds me , hope you are enjoying your new job, and fimdimg it interesting. thanks

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