I’m a Wii

I thought this (raunchy?) Apple parody would make a good ‘entry document’ to use to talk to older students about ‘Digital Representation and Reputation’.

It is actually very well done and I think would form the basis of a good classroom discussion, given that students already know the “Im a Mac” ads and understand the PS3/Wii war.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Wii

  1. If you showed this to me I’d be disgusted. It’s not raunchy, it’s reinforcing societal norms of what attractive is (and is not). And that’s just wrong. I call shenanigans.

  2. I agree Janet, but I think that its important not to present things like this to students in order to create discussion and debate – as this is the media-approach to so many things – including ideas of body image, personality, intelligence etc., and if students then articulate that – then that would be further pressure to change the ‘norms’ that advertisers have been getting away with by keeping just inside the line. Now with read/write web – we can all talk about it.

  3. You’ve got a good point but I think not showing it is a better way to force change. Cutting off the source entirely. No one watching = no advertising = no product. Your posting created a discussion and debate of debate about sexuality and social norms vs. any meaningful discussion of digital representation and reputation. Of course, I’m just one voice.

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