Digital Reputation – Look back in anger.

This is a very interesting story in regard to digital reputation.

Gary Rego, 16, told students and parents at the Sunday night ceremony  that it was “really sad” — following a crash that killed three students in August — that Principal Vaughan Sadler was not at the graduation dinner, but was “holidaying and watching cricket in a far away land”.

The article has a video, which was posted from the audio from a mobile phone to YouTube.

To me the video demonstrates just how important Digital Repulation is in our schools. Rather than making a ‘statement’ – which is the tragedy of youth that at some point many teens do – this one, poorly articulated and bumbling, demonstrates to me not how easy it is for some kids to give his teacher a serve via the internet, but more that the student is obvioulsly unaware of the the long term impact of it. He will move on in life, however, will be a marker in the metaverse as how to make a complete ass of yourself. I have no view on what he says, and not aware of the validity of his comments but I would think impact on the entire college negatively.

Everyone is damaged, there is nothing positive here. Sending him to sit his exams somewhere else is the physical consequence – the digital one, is that he is now part of history – judged by all of us. No matter how annoyed, ego-centric this young man is, it seems a graphic demonstration – that if he understood the potential implications as he moves from school to ‘real life’ he may have made a better choice – his statements will fade, yet the folly of posting this on the internet will be the memory. The video to me, would make a great resource for class discussion – but then perhaps that means I would be sustaining the poor kids suffering. Maybe the media story here is the fact it’s on YouTube – the issue is the critical nature of teaching students ‘media literacy’ and ‘digital repulation’ – and developing personal repulation through poisitive digital porfolios – All we see here is a kid with 20,000 Google Hits – all bad. It does not however excuse his actions – Welcome to the metaverse Gary.

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  1. I see the video’s been pulled from Youtube but you’re right … it doesn’t mean other copies won’t pop up elsewhere. Unfortunately, it seems the only way we as educators can demonstrate the potential consequences is through the mistakes of others – maybe that is the positive spin from errors of judgement of this magnitude.

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