MobilzeThis – Charles Darwin University Conference

This unlikely character is part of the Mobilize This conference which in on in Darwin, Australia 22 – 24th October 2008

At some point, I’m doing a presentation during the three days along with about 20 other educators.

The conference is about making learning connected, fluent and mobile. It is also FREE. It will be a little out there in places, but it will also have people pushing the edges of ‘what’s next’.

This photo is of a set of wifi enabled glasses, which Alexander Hayes was testing over a few beers in the back yard. I love how homebrew some of this stuff is and how great a discussion you can have with via Ustream.

The f2f face events at the Charles Darwin University will be using this technology, so that presenters can Ustream media from their perspective – which I think is a significant change in how we still consume streams from the third, not first person view.

The glasses are audio and video enabled, with a decent transmitter that would cover a kilometer or more hooked up to it. The gathering was talking about how these can be used in vocational settings, especially for on site learning where teachers would benefit from hands free learning, and where safety glasses are normal.

Even in high school, these things would be so easy to hook up and record practical lessons.

The price point at $600AU is not cheap, but then a wifi webcam is about that. It won’t be too long before Nokia et al, have blue-tooth enabled POV (point of view) cameras available too, which begs the burnin question of at what point do we stop calling something like the Nokia N96 a phone. Its a much more than that. Its amazing to think how a decade ago, this kind of technology was sci-fi – now a bunch of blokes in the back yard can stick them on the dog and watch where it goes. Amazing times we live in.